Digital Film Academy Announces a New Series of Seminars on Film Making
New York’s First Digital Film Academy Features Industry Veterans
New York, NY (August 3, 2002) — The Digital Film Academy, the leading center for digital film instruction in New York, has announced the launch of a new seminar series for the independent filmmaker. The first seminar, "How To Make a Living in Film" will feature entertainment attorney John Limotte, IFC's Caroline Kaplan, business affairs executive Vicki Cherkas, distributor Mark Urman, and noted producer Jason Kliot.
 This seminar series introduces to students some noted producers, writers, editors, camera people, production designers, agents and lawyers who share their knowledge and work experiences. The focus is how these veteran professionals achieve the creative vision while meeting the demands of budget and time. The use of new technologies is addressed along with the nuts-and-bolts/how-to of common production challenges.  The series is moderated by EMMY-award winning producer/writer/director Joe Tripician.
The DFA specialized seminar is limited to 50 attendees, and will be held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM starting September 3rd at the Digital Film Academy in the Film Center Building, 630 Ninth Avenue (between 44th and 45th Streets), Suite 901, New York City.  Registration is required by calling 212-333-4013.
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 Schedule of HOW TO MAKE A LIVING IN FILM Seminar
September 5th: John Limotte
John Limotte is the co-founder of Sound Pictures NYC, Inc., a new motion picture production company.  Their first project is THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON starring Sean Penn shooting in Oakland January 2003.
October 3rd: Vicki Cherkas
Vicki is the Head of Business Affairs, New Ventures and Business Development for Greene Street Films. Greene Street co-produced IN THE BEDROOM, nominated for five Academy Awards. Other Greene Street Films productions include: JUST A KISS, PINERO, and THE CHATEAU.
November 21st: Caroline Kaplan 
Caroline Kaplan serves as Vice President, Production and Development of IFC Productions, Bravo Networks' feature film financing company. She has served as executive producer for: BOYS DON'T CRY, WAKING LIFE, TADPOLE and PERSONAL VELOCITY.
 December 3rd: Mark Urman
Mark Urman is the Head of U.S. Theatrical Distribution for ThinkFilm, a new independent film distribution company founded by Jeff Sackman. ThinkFilm's releases include: TIME OUT, WORLD TRAVELER, THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS, THE MYSTIC MASSEUR, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONEY, and Gus Van Sant's GERRY.
 December 5th: Jason Kliot
Jason Kliot, co-president of Blow Up Pictures and Open City Films, is an established pioneer in independent filmmaking. Some of the films he has worked on as producer include: DOWN TO YOU, THREE SEASONS, CHUCK AND BUCK, LOVEY AND AMAZING, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE and THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO GIRLS IN LOVE.
About the Digital Film Academy
The Digital Film Academy offers affordable courses on every aspect of digital filmmaking from screenwriting to post-production and web-streaming.   For more info on the Digital Film Academy, go to:
About Joe Tripician
Joe Tripician is an EMMY-award winning Producer/Writer/Director, a Published Author, Playwright and performer, with over twenty years of production experience. Joe's work has been broadcast on Network and Cable television across America, Europe and Japan, and has shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
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